Vintage, antique, classic and old GPO telephones

     Welcome to Soniarus Vintage Telephones

   From my workshop in the Welsh mountains I repair, restore and convert many different types of  vintage/antique telephones to complement the period feel of your house.

From the iconic 100 & 200 series pyramid style of the 20's and 30's, through the austere 300 series of the 40's and 50's, to the classic 700 series of the 60's, 70's and 80's, there's bound to be be an old phone to suit you and your home.


Each old GPO phone is carefully dismantled and all parts cleaned and, where necessary, repaired or replaced with either a good quality original or a modern reproduction. I always replace the braided cloth cords on the 100, 200 and 300 series telephones with new, high quality, hand-made braided cords as the originals are prone to shorting out, or failing altogether. I also provide a line cord in the same material on the black Bakelite telephones with a braided handset cord fitted. These cords are shorter than on the more modern types (about 6 feet) as these phones are not meant to be carried around.

When you buy a classic telephone  from me I will include a reproduction label printed with your Town/Exchange and number. There are 3 of these to choose from, to suit the age of the phone (see bottom of Before you buy page).

If  you can't find the type/colour of telephone you want for sale here, please Email me as I will probably be able to source one for you and you never know it might be in pieces on the workbench, just waiting for you.

 All my telephones carry a LIFETIME PARTS and LABOUR guarantee. Postage not included after 1st year.

I hope you find the telephone for you and if you don't, just ask, and I'll find it for you.